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Sales and Marketing

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Company Description

Umedoc is an exciting, cutting edge, and consumer-focused e-health platform that is positioned to grow explosively with the expansion of telehealth. We have an aggressive growth plan to cover all metropolitan areas of the US in the next year. Our telehealth providers give top quality care and we cover a combination of cash based consumers as well as insured consumers as well.

Job Description

The Sales and Marketing Director will play an important function in enabling relationships with health care organizations to ensure growth of our e-health platform. We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled person to spearhead our telehealth business expansion to insurance carriers, health organizations, medical groups/ACOs and other medical facilities to rapidly grow our highly capable and evolving telehealth platform. This in turn increases the demand for our functionalities that have been thoughtfully developed on our platform.

We are looking for an individual that is strategic and highly organized, and has experience in telehealth business development, relationship skills, and contract negotiations. We operate in multiple states, so attention to regional differences and attention to detail is a requirement of this position. The ideal candidate will have pre-existing relationships in the field to further accelerate his or her effectiveness in growing the sales associated with our telehealth platform.

The position involves working with other disciplines including the technology development team, finance, legal, and project management to maximize overall growth of the telehealth platform. Development of sales cycle for specific clients will also be part of the role. Knowledge of our platform and the ability to convey evolving functions and capabilities are a must.

Responsibilities include but not limited to the role are:

  • Find, target and contract strategic partners to grow our platform further, accurate forecasting and prioritizing of client development by way of resource utilization
  • Cross collaborate with internal development and business teams to create a focused plan to achieve sales targets
  • Identify new markets and opportunities associated with our e-health platform and understand customer needs and helping the development team identify these needs
  • Fulfill the business goals and unique vision of Umedoc through a professional and productive manner necessary to succeed at our company. This involves understanding and upholding core values and philosophy of our corporation
  • Develop an effective sales presentation and strategy based on the type of prospective client. Therefore, excellent presentation skills and understanding value propositions are highly critical to the role.


  • Strong communication skills with external and internal contacts. The ability to convey challenges and how to overcome them is as important as conveying progress. We utilize a team approach so knowing where the team is positioned at all times is a part of the job.
  • Excellent presentation and sales skills
  • Strong relationship and negotiation skills with clients and internal team members
  • Excellent organization and time management skills. We are fast paced with multiple business targets, so follow up on items is essential to the success of this role
  • Experience with health systems and technological fields related to e-health and telemedicine
  • Solid background in healthcare industry

Our Qualified Team:

Umedoc is a rapidly growing, highly collaborative, and supportive team that is looking for a like minded individual that can help to grow it. We are strong at fulfilling timelines, executing goals, and creating results, and help to achieve these through organization, dynamically adjustment of resources, and utmost cooperation with other team members.

The Sales and Marketing Director plays a key role in identifying business opportunities, increasing sales and patient base for our platform, as well as giving high confidence in our products to our respective clients. We believe our ideas and unique value proposition to our patients and customers will enable us to win market share as we aim to expand rapidly to major metropolitan areas and secure new partnerships as a result.

We have a quick paced and fun environment where we work. We are based in Bonita Springs, FL in the southwest corner of the state. The local area is quickly growing, and lifestyle and cost of living are its main selling points, not to mention the agreeable weather of southwest Florida.

Other benefits include:

  • Health, dental, vision insurance
  • Paid time off

We look forward to hearing from qualified candidates for this position.

Job Type: Full-time

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