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Umedoc is a medical services platform that puts together medical providers along with people needing medical care and provides telemedicine and products that are delivered to patients conveniently and appropriately. Our algorithm matches patient needs with provider availability in a snap. Our platform maximizes satisfaction and speed of care.

Who We Are

Welcome to Umedoc we are excited to have you on our site. Here you will learn about the vision and mission of our company. Umedoc is putting the patient’s health back in the equation when it comes to access to healthcare as well as the doctor back in control of their patients’ care plans. We believe in the integration of technology in improving health outcomes in a simple and direct way.

What We Do

A little background about Umedoc: Umedoc was founded by a group of like-minded
individuals who saw a vision for a better future in healthcare. They wanted to change
the way patients had access to their doctor by developing a platform to benefit all parties involved: the patient, the doctor, and the facilities. The founders saw a problem with the
current telemedicine methodology and set out to solve the problem with Umedoc.


Umedoc has been in the making for years and we are excited to launch our unique
telemedicine platform. We service Medicare, insurance, and private paying patients. We
conform to the rules and regulations for CMS and state. You will be glad to know that our platform is NIST and HIPAA compliant, and covered by breach insurance.