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Medical Weight Loss

Our GLP1 Weight Loss Program

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Umedoc Weight Loss GLP1 Program


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Our online weight loss program at Umedoc takes a comprehensive medical team approach to ensure safe and effective weight loss. Our screening process carefully evaluates patients to determine the most appropriate prescription weight loss medication, which is then closely monitored over time. Our experienced team has expertise in prescribing GLP-1 agonists such as Ozempic, WeGovy, and Mounjaro, and we work closely with our clients throughout their treatment.

We prioritize your needs by carefully assessing the benefits and side effects of each treatment option to arrive at the best personalized plan for you. Our approach goes beyond simply writing a prescription as we focus on the individual as a whole. There are risks to the medications, so a thorough medical history and careful selection of medications is done by our experienced medical providers.

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Our program has yielded impressive results, with patients losing at least 25 lbs of their weight in several weeks and with more projected. In addition to medication, we also provide nutritional and other types of therapy, including diabetes and hypertension management, as weight loss can impact the dosage of these medications.

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We will assist you in following sections

Screening for best GLP1 medication

Helping you get covered by insurance

Finding the best price of medications if you don't have insurance

Monitoring you carefully as you lose weight

Umedoc also offers personalized care plans tailored to your specific medical needs. Our medical providers work with you to create a plan that works for you and helps you achieve optimal health outcomes. With our comprehensive care plans and accessible communication options, Umedoc is committed to providing high-quality, patient-centered care.

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