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Telehealth at It's Best

Umedoc enables practices and medical organizations to easily setup and deploy telemedicine and link in with revenue cycle.

We are a highly rated medical technology company totally engaged in telehealth and its deployment. Please contact us today to see how we can help you and your application of telehealth.

Why should you use our telehealth platform?

Reduce expense of re-admissions, wait times, and communting

Meet with patients at provider's easiest convenience

Access to reliable technology and expand your business with revenue cycle

Reduce need to develop your own organizations telehealth pathway

Comply with regulations with security and privacy laws

“I’ve had my own private practice for more than 20 years. I felt regreted that I did not find Umedoc Telehealth earlier, This platform allows me to contribute for my patients with thorough medical care and appointments management, best telemedicine tools for providers ever!”

Family Medicine Provider

What you can do with Umedoc.

  •   Host up to 100 participants per appointment/meeting
  •   Medical documentations delivery and storage on the cloud
  •   SMS message reminder for patients/providers
  •   Full management for pricing, certifications, and documents
  •   HIPAA and NIST compliant, conforms to applicable rules and regulations
  •   And more

We work with like-minded companies.

Umedoc API, save time and automate duplicate works

Umedoc provides elegant solution for business to turn manual tasks into agile, seamless, and data-driven automation.

We would like our business partners to have the best experience with us.

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Umedoc provides medical practice/business a platform to deploy and engage maximally in telehealth. Reach out now to us.

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