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We believe right now is the time to ignite the fire of revolution in medical industry.

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Umedoc believes telemedicine and telehealth will be the next page in medical history and it's the right time to take participation into the change. Join Umedoc as an investor NOW!

Why Umedoc?

Leading Telehealth Company

  • Through the platform, patients are connected to a network of services providers from health coaches, medical doctors, specialists and subject matter expert in the field.
  • The patients could be treated by not only one, but a team of medical providers and specialists around the country
  • Patient care and experience and health services and product offerings are what distinguishes UmeDoc from other Telehealth providers
  • Our goal to create an all inclusive “e-Health ecosystem” would minimize information and search cost for the Patients while at the same time direct the best available treatment options

Why you should invest in Umedoc Telehealth?

Operation Nationwide

+5,500/per year Patients Growth

5 Stars Rating on Mutiple Platforms

100% Custimization for Practices

Sustainable Development

  • Platform technology focused on satisfied, customized, care of the customer (high connectivity rate, lowering tech support requests).
  • Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity of devices to the system (Apple Watch, glucometers, home testing equipment (third party BP machines, etc).
  • Tools developed in house for medical providers to provide superior medical care.
  • We are a proprietary medical telehealth platform that capitalizes and unifies information on profile level data of patient and providers to establish real-time matching of diverse array of medical services, and built to customize to the needs of consumers.
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