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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Umedoc need the credit card after I input my insurance number?

The credit card numbers is used to verify the patients identity only, you won't pay any amount of money if your insurance information is correct and valid.

2. How does out of state insurance work?

Patients with out-of-state insurance may need to obtain Prior Authorizations before receiving their medications, and if they need a PA, it can delay the process by up to 72 hours.

3. Does my insurance cover Telemedicine?

Umedoc In most cases was covered by insurance carriers. Please refer to your insurance plan. Medicare & Medicaid are 100% covered.

4. What if I don’t have insurance?

The out of pocket cost per visit is $45.


1. Can I get my work release after the meeting with the provider?

Yes, Umedoc is able to provide doctor note and work release for patients, please inform your provider during the meeting, we will get your document done and send it to you.

2. Does Umedoc serve patients under 16 years old?

Currently Umedoc's policy is not for the patients under 16 years old.

3. Can Umedoc do school physicals?

Umedoc is not able to provide school physicals since doctors online cannot perform and actual physical exam.

4. Can Umedoc prescribe Controlled Substance?

Umedoc currently does not prescribe any kind of controlled substance.

5. Why aren't all providers shown on the front page online?

Every provider has their own schedule. Please feel free to sign up on demand as needed or create a scheduled provider once you have reviewed their schedule.


1. What's the reimburse policy?

Umedoc will refund to patients if their cases is out of our assistance.

2. What should I do when I get charged twice for only one completed appointment?

If you get charged twice but only complete one appointment with Umedoc, please check if your follow-up visit (future appointment) has been made. The system will charge the payment from your credit/debit card right after the appointment being scheduled. If you do not require the follow-up visit, simply cancel it and the payment will be refunded fully.

Camera & Microphone

1. How do I allow my camera and microphone to do the medical meeting?

*Note: Right now Umedoc is only compatible with Chrome on Android phones and Safari on Apple products.
*When message prompted, choose Allow camera & mic.
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