How Telehealth Has Helped Curb COVID 19?

How Telehealth Has Helped Curb COVID 19?

During the global pandemic, telemedicine and telehealth has emerged as a sustainable and effective solution to prevent and treat the spread of the deadly virus i.e. Covid 19. It has helped the healthcare system fight at many fronts and saved many lives already. Here’s how telemedicine has helped so far to curb the novel coronavirus and its spread.

Bridging The Gap

Telehealth initiatives have effectively managed to bridge the gap between patients and physicians allowing everyone to not only stay safe at home but also communicate with their online doctor using virtual channels. This has significantly helped reduce the virus spread to the masses as well as the frontline medical staff. Even hospitals are adopting telehealth quickly for treating their quarantined patients who have been infected with the COVID 19.

In addition, medicare online services are being extensively used in the “forward triage” of the patients so that their medical conditions could be identified well before they reach the primary care clinics. Such online primary care facilities are proving to be critical in saving millions of lives.

Minimizing Risk For The Healthcare Workers

The doctors and primary care providers have been fighting the virus tirelessly as they serve in these tough times. With telemedicine allowing patients to have online medical visit, it is made possible for these medical service providers to be exposed less to the risk posed by the virus and the patients who have been infected of it.

Most of the chronic patients have their teleconsultations scheduled from home in the bid to avoid face-to-face visits at the clinic. As a result, they have very low risk to get exposed to COVID-19.

The Surge In Telehealth

There is a massive surge in the acceptance and provision of telehealth services. With companies like Umedoc providing online urgent care in Florida, and many other parts of the world, the telemedicine seems to have changed the entire landscape of the medical domain in these challenging times. In fact, it’s not going to stop here and there couldn’t have been a better time to implement telehealth at such a large scale globally.

Telemedicine is definitely helping a lot with controlling the Covid 19 and will bring a lot of other benefits along with that both for the patients and the medical staff. It is only going to get better in times to come.