Simple Way To Identify If Rash is Serious

Simple Way To Identify If Rash is Serious

How can I tell if a rash is serious?

First let’s define a rash…

Rashes can appear anywhere on the body either as a result of an injury, heat, medication (side effect), new soaps, lotions, laundry detergent, exposure to an allergen like poison ivy, or poison oak, climate (excessive heat or cold), or your environment such as an exposure to a chemical.  

Rashes can be raised, or flat, pink or red in appearance, blistering (raised round or oval), nodular (small, firm, knotty-like), papular (small solid slightly raised), or pustular (with pus, that would be more a blister type).  They can also be patchy with flakes, sometimes known as eczema, or psoriasis.  

Causes:  Sometimes we never know exactly what has caused the rash.  Sometimes we do, depending on a complete history taken by your medical provider, we can attempt to figure out the causation.

Rashes can be super itchy!!  To the point of severe itch. 

The question is when do you know if a rash is serious enough to seek medical intervention…

The best rule is, when in doubt… have it checked out!!  Simple.  Many rashes and skin conditions can be easily assessed and treated via telehealth.  Take a photo of your rash, download it to your visit appointment profile and we can easily see and treat it for you. Easy Peasy!