Weight Loss: Mistakes of Dieting You Didn’t Know

Weight Loss: Mistakes of Dieting You Didn’t Know

Dieting mistakes
Have you been feeling tired, sluggish or just not your best? You might be making some common nutrition mistakes that are easy to fix. Let’s take a look at these 5 mistakes and what you can do instead to nourish your body and feel your best with weight loss.

Mistake 1: Eating the same 5 meals and 5 vegetables on repeat every week. This lack of diversity in your diet can lead to boredom, nutrient deficiencies and is not good for your gut bacteria.Solution: Try a new recipe and/or vegetable every week. Diversify your food choices on purpose, starting at the grocery store- buy a different variety of apple, an exotic or scary-looking vegetable, or a different type of herb that you aren’t used to eating.

Mistake 2: Buying “healthy” snacks and packaged food based on marketing and branding instead of reading the label and ingredients.Solution: Always look at food labels & ingredients when you are grocery shopping. Spend adequate time educating yourself. Try to allot time at the store to be inquisitive and not be on autopilot just grabbing what’s appealing at first glance.

Mistake 3: Defaulting to “not the best” grab and go meals because you didn’t have a plan or weren’t thinking ahead.Solution: A little bit of planning goes a long way – bring a healthy snack or pack a lunch on busy days when you know you are going to be out of the house or on the go.

Mistake 4: Not thinking about or aware of hidden sources of sugar, gluten, bad oils when eating out.Solution: Look at a menu and try to find the cleanest whole food options available and ask intelligent questions to your waiter. Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of oil they fry in or what’s the base of a sauce or dressing.  When in doubt, leave it out.

Mistake 5: Making food choices based SOLELY on calories only and missing important considerations like nutrient density or toxin exposure.Solution: Whenever you are deciding what to eat, think about what the most nourishing option you could give yourself and what would be the most satisfying at the same time. Find a balance between what you know is good for you and what you are craving.By avoiding these common nutrition mistakes and incorporating these simple solutions, you can discover the joy of nourishing your body. Don’t let nutrition overwhelm you – instead, focus on making small positive changes every day. You’ll feel more energized, vibrant, and alive than ever before.Make sure if you haven’t already to subscribe to my youtube channel where you’ll get a lot more useful tips and education from a nerdy dietitian who loves helping you with all things related to your metabolism, hormones and energy!

This article reviewed by Dr. Jim Liu, MD and written by May Tom RD.

May Tom is a nutrition nerd and functional medicine detective and has helped thousands of high-achieving men and women reach their health goals.

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