We reviewed three food delivery preparation services

We reviewed three food delivery preparation services

As we all know, life can get crazy. Are you feeling like you don’t have the energy, time, or interest to plan and prepare your meals? If so, a food delivery preparation service may be right for you. There are numerous companies that deliver partly or fully prepared meals directly to your front door, but which one is right for you? We have reviewed three food delivery preparation services and hope that one is able to cater to your needs and specific preferences. The details are below (Harvard Heart Letter, 2019):

  1. BistroMD. This delivery service was created by a physician who wanted to create a way to help her patients eat healthy meals and receive adequate nutrition without having to struggle with the process of cooking. This plan is tailored to a low 1,500 mg sodium diet per day and is recommended for those with a history of diabetes mellitus or heart disease. In addition, all meals require only reheating which saves you from all the preparation and extra work. The only downside to this plan is that it lacks a vegetarian option. 
  2. Terra’s Kitchen. This delivery service is known for its adherence to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, which is highly known for its heart-health benefits. These meals are plentiful in vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seafood, and poultry rather than red meat or cheese. This diet is both nutritious and delicious and is sure to improve your overall health and protect you against chronic disease. 
  3. Purple Carrot. This delivery service is perfect for those looking for inspiration to consume more plant-based meals, as it offers meals that are 100% vegan. In addition, reviews have shown that these meal kits have helped customers become more confident and comfortable in the kitchen in regards to trying new foods and techniques of cooking! The menus are carefully constructed by a team of skilled dieticians, ensuring a balanced and tasty experience with every bite. 

When choosing a food delivery preparation service, be sure to look into the sample menus on their designated website in order to ensure that their recipes are a perfect fit for you! 

This article reviewed by Dr. Jim Liu, MD and Ms. Deb Dooley, APRN.

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